Designer Eyewear

A+Plus Optique has professional staff to assist you or your child in finding designer frames, sunglasses or contacts that fit any lifestyle and any personal style, whether it’s sporty and serious, or fun and fabulous. Whatever your style is, A+Plus Optique has it.

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A+Plus Optique has the widest variety of children’s frames that give creativity, durability, and of course personality! For adults, we offer stylish, contemporary, safety, and even simple eyewear for all ages! Whatever you are looking for A+Plus Optique has the right solution for all of your eyewear needs. We stand behind our products and services; customer service is our #1 goal! Our goal is to have you leave feeling confident about your eye care needs and satisfied with our customer service.

At A+Plus Optique, we have a wide variety of frames such as Adidas, RayBan, Coach, Miraflex, Gucci, Versace, Zeiss Kids, Nano Vista, Disney Eyewear, Puma, WilyX, Adult line, St. Laurent, and much more.

Gucci Eyewear
POLO Eyewear
Versace Eyewear
Ray-Ban Eyewear
Michael Kors Eyewear
Michael Kors Eyewear
Michael Kors Eyewear
Coach Eyewear
Mira-Flex Eyewear
Ralph Lauren Eyewear
Michael Kors Eyewear
Michael Kors Eyewear
Michael Kors Eyewear

National Brand Lenses

Along with the wide variety of frame selection we also offer national brand lenses and treatments such as Hoya products, Crizal, Transitions, and much more.

Hoya Lenses
Xperio UV Lenses
Crizal Lenses
Xperio UV Lenses
Transition Lenses
Varilux Lenses