About A+Plus Optique

A+Plus Optique wants to be your comprehensive eye care provider. We are prepared to serve you and your family with annual vision check ups and decisions you may need to make regarding, glasses or contacts, or even a stylish pair of sunglasses. We also accept most insurance plans including all Medicaid and most Medicare plans. We offer complete care and expertise for all our patients. A+ Plus Optique has the widest variety of children’s frames that give creativity, durability, and of course personality! For adults, we offer stylish, contemporary, safety, and even simple eyewear for all ages! Whatever you are looking for A+Plus Optique has the right solution for all of your eyewear needs. We stand behind our products and services; customer service is our #1 goal! Our goal is to have you leave feeling confident about your eye care needs and satisfied with our customer service.

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On-Site Lab Services

Here at A Plus Optique we are glad to provide you with quicker times for picking up your new eyewear! We know you are excited so we have an on-site lab where we have a full range of prescription lenses in stock. Our on-site lab can make your prescription eyeglasses within a day. Progressive lenses and other custom lens designs are our specialty but will take a little longer. You will not be disappointed!

We Routinely Treat Many Eye Conditions Including:

  • broken blood vessels
  • dry eye
  • eye injuries & pain
  • flashing lights
  • itchy crusty eyelids
  • foreign bodies
  • excessive tearing
  • conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • eyelid lumps & bumps
  • floaters
  • styes
  • red eyes
  • scratched eye
  • sudden vision loss
  • and other eye conditions